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Irène Lamontagne Bouchard
Irène Lamontagne Bouchard et Jappy

A native of Lac St-Jean in Quebec. She taught for a few years in primary schools of her native village, St-Prime.  In the mid 80's,  Irène and her immediate family all moved to Tecumseh, Ontario where they planned to start their new life.


She entered the system of Franco-Ontarian schools first as deputy and then teacher, then assistant teacher and teacher assistant with students with learning dificulties in French. (Individual education)

To supplement the training material shortage adapted and suited to the specific needs of its students, it develops hardware-house manuscript icons, stories, rhymes, songs, and lists of words written by hand on sheets or booklets, posters carrier, flashcards for driving speed reading etc.




In my childhood, I remember to have found it difficult to learn to read. I did not like to read. As a visual type of child, I needed to "SEE IT" for easier LEARNING. Given that reading was  so difficult for me, I was able to understand the small difficulties some children are challenged with and I knew intuitively what they would need to retain what they were being taught. I remember having stimulated my memory throughout my primary school years by small drawings that I had invented.

"It is easy to write and read with Edu Jappy a solution for children with learning 

So I then decided to bring to the children of today the tricks and lessons that I missed so much as a young girl in school. In the following paragraphs, I will tell you what is the genesis of this teaching and learning method designed specifically for children whose academic progress is strewn with problems reading and writting, Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Over the last 2 years I was given the opportunity to work with children in regular classes as those from English-speaking families who attend French schools of the Ontario. The case study has shown remarkable results and the students were not only improving their reading and writting skills but were reaching and surpassing the average level of the other other classmates.


During my first year working as a teacher assistant, had given me a young boy once thought incapable of learning to read. We had thought I should keep for many years. To the surprise of all, having learned this method of reading, that little was able to follow the regular class the following year without any support from me, he read very well. Subsequently, encouraged by the contacts of the educational environment, I continued to put all my energy into improving my method: J'APPRENDS WELL WITH YOU love children, character trait that I hold my father.


MY TEAM: Gemma Lamontagne, Serge Ecoiffier, Andrée Bouchard, Stephany Lavoie and Guillaume Lavoie



Irène Lamontagne Bouchard
12094 Cedarwood Drive, Tecumseh, On. N8N 2W2
Auteur, compositeur.
1-519-979-7883 ou cell. 1-519-995-1095

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